It's me Terri D and this picture says it all.  I love the beach.

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I have been writing for as long as I can remember.  As a little girl I wrote in my diary to record my feelings.  As a young woman my diaries became journals and writing was a way to express myself and record my feeling about things happening around me.  I still journal to this day.  In 2011 I published my first book , Yesterday's Lies which was the beginning of my three part series based on a character named Toni.  Many of my readers fell in love with Toni and I wrote a two part eBook series to provide more background for my readers about Toni's life.  Me and Mr. Right Now and Me and Mr. Wrong. 

 My most recent publication is a memoir titled Passport Wife and it provides a behind the scenes look at my journey from IT Director living in the United States to my current state of being retired and married to a Dominican Man and living in the Dominican Republic.  I was interviewed in Jan 2019 about this book.  You can listen to the interview here:

My blog, random thoughts of Author Terri D was started as a way to connect to my readers on a more personal level.  I wanted to entertain, inspire and empower others through my real life experiences.  After getting married and moving to the Dominican Republic I started a Dominican Housewife Chronicles series on my blog to document and share my experiences.  You can read my blog here on my website from the homepage or by following this link: 

I also enjoy doing as much as I can to give back and to help others.  I decided to start a non profit in 2018 to help expectant mothers in need.  A blessing For You provides blessing baskets to new mom's and helps connect them to other community resources. Check out my website at

I appreciate you visiting my website and I hope that if you have been touched in some way by my writings that you share that with me.  Comments and feedback from my readers have encouraged and helped me to improve over the years.   I invite you to follow my blog or to like my Facebook page to stay in touch.

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